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Board Of Management

Message From Board of Director

Our story begun from simple existence of two people working together to create small enterprise and having the vigility of the founder back in 70s. Perjuangan, so called its name, “TO STRIVE” is describing the real condition of the founder from the beginning of time. Through these decades, Perjuangan group upholds most essence of our survival – “GOOD WILL”. The success of Perjuangan group over the past four decades are predominantly driven by :

  1. The perseverance of the founder & his family,
  2. Our embrace upon God’s Grace,
  3. The contribution of our people working together as a team in ONE direction, and
  4. The uniqueness of our mother land, Indonesia, it procreates the great opportunities, in which we are proud to be part of the fastest growing and most dynamic countries in the world today.

Looking back from what we stand today, we thank God for His grace upon us for making it all possible. Our striving spirit does not end here, we are to strive further to build a better foundation for the future generation to come after us all.

Having a good work and to focus on our gifted talent and creativity, we are certain that Perjuangan group will be fruitful and be multiply in blessing our people, our community at large and our beloved nation, Indonesia.

Warmth Regards,

Loesmin (the Founder) and Ir. Rudy Sugiarto (Managing Director)

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Update: 20 May 2024
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